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Around and Around We Go

As an Artist, looking for inspiration during a time of so many uncertainties in the Middle East can be a challenge if you let it be.

Many of us see the news as repetitive "Same Old Same Old" stories, miserable situations that don't seem to change and an ongoing political instability in this region which escalates from time to time.  I know its upsetting for everyone.  But we must never let these things stop us from living, creating and making our dreams come true. One of my favorite style of painting, where I find the freedom to let go, be brave and fearless, is by creating a Whimsical painting.  Its so much fun, and stress free.  

My first work as an Artist was Whimsical painting and after creating this last piece titled AROUND AND AROUND WE GO, Im once again inspired to do what I do best CREATE and PAINT.  Its so important to find strength and Will to not let the news or negative moments control us and bring us down.  Instead do what you love at that moment regardless of it is and live a little.  Hope you like my Whimsical Painting, May it bring you as much joy as it did for me as an Artist.

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Lucy Roman

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  • Great work! I am so in love with your arts and paintings, I would like to know if you are giving any courses or training?

  • Lucy,

    Thank you for inspiring all of us with your fine art and lovely paintings. Yes, there are so many challenges around us and we must overcome those to live,  reach our goals, and make our dreams come ture !! Your painting "Whimsical" is very meaningful;  it made me very obtimistic, and brought a lot of joy to my soul !! I see the "will",  "ways", and a "bright" future to come along as an outcome for our hardwork, and determination to live in peace, and love. Thank you so much for your outstanding creativity and giving !!


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اللامُبالاةُ ليست فلسفة,وهى حتماّ ليست موقف؟ موجودون نحن اليوم لأنّنا نهتــــمُ , ففي مكان وزمان ما,وُجد شخص ما,إهتمّ بنا يوماّ, حقاّ. أنا مُهتمّة بكثير من الأشياء من بينها,النّاسُ الجميلة,النّاسُ النغم. في الواقع النّاسُ هى أجملُ خيارات الكون؟ فقط نحن من نسينا ذلك ؟ بماذا تهتمُ؟ وبمن تهتمُ؟ ولماذا تهتمُ ؟ وشو هو الشى المُهم لك / لكي وعنجد تصريح رقم 1
عندما نهتمُّ حقاّ تُفتح الفرص والأبواب المُغلقة على  مصراعيها, وكلُّ ما هنالك أنّك تحتاجين الى المُبادرة. نعم هذا كلّ ما في الأمر ! الكثير من التشبيك والتواصل وأخذ زمام تصريح رقم 2