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انا ندى مناع، طالبة أردنية في جامعة العلوم و التكنولوجيا الأردنية، أدرس الهندسة الصناعية، حصلت على هذه الجائزة في شهر يناير، أطلب الدعم من المجتمع الأردني لتكاليف سفري للجائزة و أسرد التفاصيل هنا


I would like to send my greetings and share with you that the “Hult Prize on Campus Final”, from the Hult Prize Foundation at Jordan University of Science and Technology had 70 teams that competed, they were judged by 14 qualified judges, and was the top university in Jordan.


I am proud to inform you that as their Campus Director and the one who organized this whole event by my own in 9 days and took the top event in Jordan, won one of the 20 Best Campus Directors around the World'', as the only female Jordanian Campus Director for the first time of the history of Hult Prize who will go to the Accelerator at Hult Business School  in London as an internship from July to August 2018 and to the Global Finals of Hult Prize and meet Bill Clinton at the United Nations in New York in September 2018 representing Jordan.


We had the Hult Prize Jordan National Finals held at King Hussien Business Park at the 4-5th of May 2018 and had a winner to go the accelerator in London to have 7 weeks of intensive training at Hult Business School.


I represented Jordan as a speaker and a winner of the top 20 Campus Directors in the world at Dubai, Ecuador, and in Jordan while I am still a student.


About Hult Prize:

In partnership with the United Nations, the Hult Prize Foundation has created the world's largest student movement and crowdsourcing platform dedicated to solving the most pressing social challenges on the planet. Jordan University of Science and Techonlogy was selected to host local edition of Hult Prize, the world's largest student competition for the creation of new social businesses.


The winner of the intra-campus event will automatically advance to compete in one of fifteen regional finals happening around the world. One winning team from each host city will then move onto a summer business incubator, where participants will receive mentorship, advisory and strategic planning as they create prototypes and set-up to launch their new social business.  A final round of competition will be hosted in September, where the winning team to be awarded the $1,000,000 prize. To learn  more, visit www.hultprize.org


Required Support:

I would like to ask for funding my trip to London and New York with my tickets and accommodation in through any mean of sponsorship you require as I am still a student. I will be taking into account whatever you want to us to feature of your brand by any kind of representation for your company at the international competition or any requirements you ask us for via social media.

The whole flight tickets and accommodation range between 1900-2100 JOD with my Visas.


Hult Prize is a prestigious international prize that will promote Jordan and its institutions internationally, encourage tourism, attract economical investments, and most important create new jobs after returning to Jordan. You will be huge part of supporting Jordan and empowering its youth, you will add great value to me and for your modern visioned company.

Any amount you support me with will matter and make a difference.


Thank you for your continuous contribution for the Jordanian community.


For more information, please feel free to reach out to me. 



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ندى مناع، طالبة هندسة صناعية في جامعة العلوم و التكنولوجيا، ناشطة اجتماعية، حاصلة على جائزة أفضل 20 مسؤول عن تنظيم جائزة هالت في العالم لعام 2018، أبحث عن الدعم.

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  • you can do it girl good luck ,we all proud of you dear 

  • my email: nadamanna@gmail.com

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اللامُبالاةُ ليست فلسفة,وهى حتماّ ليست موقف؟ موجودون نحن اليوم لأنّنا نهتــــمُ , ففي مكان وزمان ما,وُجد شخص ما,إهتمّ بنا يوماّ, حقاّ. أنا مُهتمّة بكثير من الأشياء من بينها,النّاسُ الجميلة,النّاسُ النغم. في الواقع النّاسُ هى أجملُ خيارات الكون؟ فقط نحن من نسينا ذلك ؟ بماذا تهتمُ؟ وبمن تهتمُ؟ ولماذا تهتمُ ؟ وشو هو الشى المُهم لك / لكي وعنجد تصريح رقم 1
عندما نهتمُّ حقاّ تُفتح الفرص والأبواب المُغلقة على  مصراعيها, وكلُّ ما هنالك أنّك تحتاجين الى المُبادرة. نعم هذا كلّ ما في الأمر ! الكثير من التشبيك والتواصل وأخذ زمام تصريح رقم 2