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Children hold a soft spot in my heart.  Since 1997 our family has been donating cloth to this amazing orphanage.  Spring Cleaning for me yearly its a pleasure despite all the work.  I pull out things my kids no longer use, shoes, coats, blankets, toys and games, even backpacks and little silly things that another child will appreciate more.  This usually solves the lack of space we have in our closets and make room for new school cloth which we bring back from our summer vacations.  Its a Win Win situation for all of us.  SOS always comes to the house free of charge to pick up all your donations -just call 065665724 and help make their lives better.  Please spread this message to friends and family members as they start thinking of Spring Cleaning. Visit their Facebook or Youtube site for more information

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Around and Around We Go

As an Artist, looking for inspiration during a time of so many uncertainties in the Middle East can be a challenge if you let it be.

Many of us see the news as repetitive "Same Old Same Old" stories, miserable situations that don't seem to change and an ongoing political instability in this region which escalates from time to time.  I know its upsetting for everyone.  But we must never let these things stop us from living, creating and making our dreams come true. One of my favorite style of painting, where I find the freedom to let go, be brave and fearless, is by creating a Whimsical painting.  Its so much fun, and stress free.  

My first work as an Artist was Whimsical painting and after creating this last piece titled AROUND AND AROUND WE GO, Im once again inspired to do what I do best CREATE and PAINT.  Its so important to find strength and Will to not let the news or negative moments control us and bring us down.  Instead do what you love at that moment regardless of it is and live a little.  Hope you like my Whimsical Painting, May it bring you as much joy as it did for me as an Artist.

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Creating Joy Through Art

"It is through the creative process of Art, which joy pours" I see this after every art class I instruct.

Every Saturday I get together with a small group of talented young artist who can't wait to start painting and creating imagery throughout their canvas.  There are moments of pure silence, as if they are in a trans creating, another moment you hear a burst of excitement, and their conversation is centered around the lesson.  After two hours of painting, they have managed to complete their work and the pure joy of their accomplishment is evident.  As an artist, I confess, creating something out of nothing and making a one of a kind painting is utter joy.

I use to feel guilty, because I had so much fun doing it, not any more.  I have embraced the joy of art and continue to teach my students to do the same.  

"Say It With Art" class is held at my Studio on Saturdays and through out the week I teach private lessons.  



Picture of Young Artist Eylul, who loves painting abstract.

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Together As One

"When our World is threaten,and we no longer feel safe, we should act as ONE.  Together we are strong, together we become ONE. I have the utmost respect for Jordan's King Abdallah and pray that other World Leaders will be just as fearless and take a stand to help eradicate ISIS, a horrible threat to us all".  Lucy Roman

 This was my first post of the day on Facebook because i truly care about being able to live a FEARLESS life.  I hesitated to post after the hyaenas death of the Jordanian pilot, because it wasn't about how many likes or replies. I post this message today hoping that my thoughts will resonate with others collectively to create this positive support for our World Leaders, to become ONE in the fight against ISIS.

This photo is a symbol of the World as One.  

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