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How to Love Your Job

A large number of people dislike their job. There are many reasons for this. If you want to love your job, depending on the circumstances, you may have to take very different paths to make that happen. Consider the reasons why you dislike your job. You may be the problem. Your life conditions may be the problem. Your job itself might be the issue. The issues you have will dictate how you act. If you are feeling the stress of your job, or just not loving it any more, then it is time to make a change. This does not necessarily mean changing your job altogether. You may be in your chosen career, but simply in a rut that you cannot seem to get out of. If learning how to love your job again will lift you out of the depths of monotony, consider the following steps.

Method 1 of 2: Changing Yourself

  • Make a change to your attitude. Sometimes it is all about how you look at it. It is quite possible it is your attitude that is impacting your feelings about work. Take some time to evaluate and engage these feelings to see if they can be changed. Despite research, too many gaps in knowledge remain.
  • Improve other parts of your life. Sometimes a job can be more difficult to engage with when other parts of your life are out of whack. Evaluate your life; Are you very unhappy? Changing a painful life circumstance can sometimes make other parts of your life easier to bare. Sometimes these can even be environmental factors.

Method 2 of 2: Changing Your Conditions

  • Talk to your boss, manager or superior. Make sure it is someone you can trust. Some superiors may be approachable and others unapproachable. If you are unsure, ask a coworker that you trust about which supervisor they feel to be most trustworthy or approachable in this case. There may even be a specialized, dedicated employee, as in an HR (Human Resources) representative, to assist you in these situations.
  • Ask for an improvement of situation at work. There are many benefits or increases that can help a job feel more valuable or worthwhile. In the end, you are exchanging the time of your short life for varying quantities of resources. If you feel that the work merits greater in exchange, then talk to your supervisor about increases.
  • Organize with other workers. Sometimes attempting to get benefit or wage augmentation can be impossible by yourself. By organizing in groups, employees in a similar position can force employers to change. This is the principle behind a union and it can help with satisfaction when negotiating increases.
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